Hell! is an exciting, fast-paced, face to face card game built exclusively for the iPad! Based on a form of double solitaire, Hell! lets you play with your friends on the same iPad! All the fun of face to face card play, but in a neat, portable package. You and your opponent play in your own building areas, stacking cards in red/black sequence just like regular solitaire, trying to empty a stock called the Hell! pile, but you can only score by playing Aces into the middle. Once an Ace hits the center the race begins, because you can play on each others Aces! You’ll have to move fast and go out first because you go set for the number of cards left in your Hell! pile.

Hell! is a big game on a card table, but Hell! for the iPad makes it playable in restaurants, on airplanes, in the car – places it would have been impossible to play in the past. Are you fast enough?

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Hell! Menu

Hell! Menu

Hell! Game Play

Hell! Game Play

Victory Conditions Met

Victory Conditions Met

Hell! Victory Scene

Hell! Victory Scene

Click here for a short video that demonstrates the basics of the game.

Recent Updates: In version 1.01, the game now provides a hint indicator the helps you get loose if their are valid plays but they are hiding from you.

How to Play

Areas of the Screen

Player Areas

Your cards and your piles appear closest to you, and your opponent’s appear closest to them. Only cards from your deck can be played in your play area. In
your play area you will find:

The Hell Pile

The goal of the game is empty your Hell Pile first, or “go out”. If your opponent goes out first, the cards remaining in the Hell Pile will count against your score.

The Turn Pile

This is esssentially your hand of cards as it would be if you were playing solitaire. Three cards are turned off the top of the Turn Pile, which then become available for play. If your turn pile is empty, tap the placeholder to recycle your hand pile back into the turn pile.

Your Hand

Each time you tap the turn pile, three cards will be turned over into your hand pile (fewer if there are less than three in the turn pile). Only the top card of your hand pile are available for play. If your Hand appears empty, tap the Turn Pile to reveal the next playable cards.

Build Piles

You have four Build Piles, which generally follow Solitaire rules. You can play any card on these piles that has a rank one less and the opposite color of the
top card on the pile. If a Build Pile is empty, you may move the top card from your Hell Pile into it. If you have playable King showing in your hand pile, you may play it on to the empty build pile if you wish.

Center Play Area

When an Ace is revealed it may be played into any empty spot in the Center Play Area. This is where you score your points. Cards from your deck that end the hand in the Center Play area give a point apiece (although any leftover cards in your Hell Pile cause a penalty of two points each).

Center Piles

The Center Area contains eight Center Piles, one for each suit for both decks in play. Like traditional Solitaire, you can play any card of rank one higher
and of the same suit as the top card on a Center Pile, and you have to start the pile with an Ace. However, both players
have access to the Center Play Area, so it is important to play cards to the Center Piles as quickly as possible.

Playing the Game

Once the cards appear on the screen you may both immediately start playing. Tap the turn pile to get fresh cards, and move cards from your hand and your Hell pile onto build piles or center piles. Remember to try to play all of the cards in your Hell pile as quickly as possible so that you can go
out first, but don’t forget to play as many cards as you can into the center to gain additional points.

Going Out

When a player plays the last card from his or her Hell pile, their Hell button will turn red and start burning. This means the player can go out if he or she chooses. You can continue to play cards after your Hell button lights up in order to grab a few more points. Whenever you are ready, just tap the Hell button
to score the game. It is possible for both Hell buttons to be lit, but only one tap starts the scoring sequence. There is no bonus for going out first, so there is no advantage in tapping the Hell button first, save for having more cards in the center area, and therefore a higher score.

Getting Stuck

Like any kind of solitaire, it’s possible to get stuck, finding yourself with no playable cards, but Hell! is meant to be played fast. If the computer determines that there are no more valid plays, it will automatically shuffle one card off the top of each turn pile to the bottom so that play can carry on. You’ll notice that your turn pile suddenly flips over when this happens. On rare occasions, both players get stuck in such a way that the game can not actually be
won. When this occurs, you’ll be notified that you are stuck. The hand will be scored as normal, although both players will suffer Hell pile penalties for the cards that they have not played.

Winning the Game

Hell! plays to a score of 150. When a hand ends, hit the Continue button to deal a new hand and carry on until one player or the other scores 150. If you would rather not continue, just hit the Quit button.

Saving and Continuing

If at any time you would like to stop playing Hell! and come back later to pick up your game, just hit the Home button on the iPad. The next time you start the game there will be a Resume Game option on the main menu. Tap this to pick up where you left off.

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